Buying a Shipping Container
Has Never Been Easier

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Why Choose Shipping Container Depot?

We make it super easy to buy or rent, modify and customize your shipping container.

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Lowest Guaranteed Prices

Lowest guaranteed prices on all new and used inventory.

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Standard & Custom Modifications

Various grades and conditions available for standard & custom modifications.

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Container Relocations & Moves

From purchase to relocation or moves, we'll take care it.


Fast & Reliable Delivery

Fast on time deliveries. Courteous & friendly drivers.


Competitive Price Matching

Buy direct & compare nation wide. We'll price match.


Onsite & Offsite Modifications

Quality work & construction to ensure extended durability.

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Customize Your Shipping Container

You do the dreaming, we'll make it happen.


Step1: Compare & Choose

Compare between a variety of quality shipping and storage containers. Choose between New Single Trip / One Trip, Used Wind & Water Tight Certified, Cargo Worthy, IICL 5, As Is, and Refurbished Containers.

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Step 2: Modify & Customize

Modify, design, and customize your container. Offering complete transformations such as pop-up shops, offices and homes. To more traditional container modifications such as windows, doors, electrical, vents, turbines, partitions, HVAC and more.

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Step 3: Get Delivered

Having your container dropped off right to your home or business straight to your location has never been easier. This hassle free process involves no third party trucking companies as we use our own trucks to provide a delivery made easy for you.

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We Only Sell Quality Brands

It’s super easy to buy or rent, modify and customize to your liking.