Shipping Container Restaurant

Get into the food business quickly and efficiently with custom shipping container restaurants! Our shipping containers can be customized to create a restaurant quickly at a lower cost than traditional construction. We can modify shipping containers into a restaurant that can be tailored specifically to fit your needs.

If you are looking for shipping container restaurants for sale, contact Shipping Container Depot so we can build the perfect shipping container restaurant for you.

Container Restaurant

Shipping Container Depot offers customized shipping containers that can be modified into restaurants or food spaces. With a little bit of creativity, your shipping container restaurant could be one of a kind! Shipping containers are rigid rectangular structures, but are modular and can be customized and even combined to your liking.

Choose from a variety of sizes: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, or specialty sizes. Pick from a selection of modifications such as insulation, lighting and electrical, air conditioning and ventilation, partition, doors, and windows, to fit your requirements.


  • ISO Standard Shipping Containers
  • Certified New/ Single- Trip/ One- Trip Containers
  • Available in various sizes:
  • Fully Customizable
  • Weatherproof and watertight construction
  • Corten steel material
  • High-grade plywood flooring


Delivery may be available through tilt-bed, low bed or flatbed trailer, or by chassis. Please contact us to know the availability of our delivery options.


  • You may need to have a forklift ready on site.
  • Delivery may require 60ft to 80ft of space on site.


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Custom Shipping Container Restaurant for Sale in California

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Why Choose Shipping Container Depot? We Deliver Nationwide!

We know that you want a high-quality shipping container at an affordable price. Therefore, we offer a variety of benefits to our customers:

  • A competitive price that suits every budget
  • A wide range of shipping containers to choose from
  • Service and delivery of your shipping container
  • A shorter lead time than other companies
  • A warranty on all of our shipping containers

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What Is a Container Restaurant?

Shipping container restaurants are made of shipping containers that were modified and refurbished with kitchen equipment and dining furniture. Container restaurants typically showcase the industrial look of a container on the exterior, while completely rebuilding the interior as a livable and comfortable place to dine and stay. Given the different sizes of shipping containers, shipping container restaurants are also available in various sizes. The combination of containers to build a single restaurant is also viable and provides flexibility in the design you can achieve.

Choose Your Modified Shipping Container Restaurant

Why Build A Container Restaurant?

When compared to traditional restaurants, modified container restaurants can be a more suitable option for you with these advantages:
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Compared to traditional buildings, a shipping container restaurant can be built quicker, and thus can be less costly in terms of labor. Moreover, renting a space in a commercial building can be very expensive in the long run, especially in popular cities. Instead of spending more on building the restaurant, you can instead use your funds for additional kitchen equipment, interior decorations, or even marketing efforts for your new restaurant.

Unique Design & Aesthetic

The industrial look of shipping containers is definitely a unique look for a restaurant and can provide a different experience for your customers. A custom-modified container restaurant can stand out among the sea of buildings in a plaza or city streets.

Quick Assembly and Installation

Modifying a shipping container can be easily done. We can modify the container on our site, then deliver the finished container restaurant with no delays. This results in a cheaper overall cost and faster turnaround. As compared to building a structure from the ground up, this would take months or years.

Effective Pest Control

Bug infestation is a bane for restaurants and can be detrimental to the business if not handled immediately. Fortunately, shipping container restaurants are sealed tight from the outdoors. Shipping containers are not prone to cracks and holes, unlike concrete, thus preventing the entry of pests.

Easier Renovation And Expansion

Renovation and expansion are easier for shipping containers. In case you want more space for your restaurant, you can expand by adding containers and then combining them.


With the mobile food industry getting more popular today, you may not want to miss the opportunity to quickly build your mobile kitchen with a modified shipping container. These containers are built to handle the rough environment during transport, plus their spacious interior allows for more equipment and tools.

With mobile food trucks and carts, location will not be an issue for your restaurants; you can quickly move from one location to another, be at events and festivals and cater to more customers.

Customized Shipping Container Materials

Shipping containers are made from durable and corrosion-resistant Corten steel, which can endure the outdoors. Moreover, we can provide any modifications for a modified container restaurant, not limited to the following:
  • Insulation
  • Electrical / Lighting
  • Air Conditioning /
  • Heat and Ventilation
  • Partition
  • Retail / Pop Up Shops
  • Shops
  • Roll Up Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Windows
  • Custom Paint

How To Modify A Shipping Container Restaurant

Need a hand in building your shipping container restaurant? We at Shipping Container Depot can help and provide for your requirements.

  1. Consult Shipping Container Depot through:
    • Our contact page
    • email:
    • Tel:+16267659446
    • or Fax: (626) 765-944
  2. You can choose the right unit size: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, or specialty sizes.
  3. Let us know the specifics of your design and the modifications required.
  4. Through our contact methods, please provide us details on the planned location of the unit, and/ or your shipping address.
  5. Not sure with what you need? We can help you in designing your container restaurants. Feel free to ask questions and we would love to assist you with everything you need to know before purchasing and beginning container modification.

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