40FT High Cube Containers For Sale

Looking for a large container unit to store more items? Shipping Container Depot stores these! The 40′ high cube shipping container is the tallest and biggest storage unit in our inventory. A 40’ high cube container is 1′ taller than a standard 40ft shipping container.

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40ft High Cube shipping containers is the most popular onsite storage and container modification product. They are the most basic and common size for an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shipping container with dimensions of 40’L x 8’W x 8’6″H.

We have a variety of shipping and storage containers in the size of 40’ such as the following:

  • 40ft Standard Container
  • One-trip 40HC shipping container
  • Used 40HC shipping containers
  • 40ft storage containers for rent

40ft Shipping Container Dimension

40' High Cube Shipping Container

  Exterior Interior Door Opening
  Legth Width Height Legth Width Height Width Height
40′ FT Container 40' 8' 9'6" 39'5" 7'8" 8'10" 7'8" 8'5"1/2"

Weight (Average)
8,775 lbs.


40ft high cube shipping containers features include:

  • 14-gauge corrugated steel walls
  • (2) sets of forklift pockets, laden and unladen
  • Corner castings all corners (8 total)
  • High-security lock box (for new models only)
  • 1 ⅛ thick Marine grade plywood floors
  • Wall tie-down steel lashing rings, 4,000 lbs. cap. each (40 total) tested at 6,000 lbs.


  • Painting Works
  • Roll Up Door
  • HVAC
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Insulation
  • Electrical Works
  • Many more…



New 40FT High Cube Container

‘Single-trip’ or ‘One Trip’ 40ft Shipping Containers are essentially brand new 40ft containers in the industry. These units can be transformed into custom designs for a myriad of uses, such as retail, living space, workspace, and special applications.

Used 40FT HC Shipping Container

Used 40ft HC shipping containers are a great, affordable choice for storage and transportation solutions. They are supremely reliable and can handle the job even when they have been previously used. You can pick from water and wind-tight, cargo-worthy, or refurbished options – each one offering versatility for a range of applications.

40HC Open Top Container

A 40ft Open Top Container High Cube is the ideal storage and local transportation container for large, bulky items due to its open-top design. Open-top 40’ containers are superb for keeping your furniture, equipment, or vehicles safe. It’s also perfect for goods that need to be loaded and unloaded with haste.

40FT HC Double Door Container

Our 40ft HC Double Door Shipping Containers have doors at both the front and back. This makes it a breeze to access whatever is stored inside, by either driving a forklift right up to the container or just walking in through the double doors. These two sets of doors also allow air to flow more freely, saving you from any mold or mildew buildup.

40FT HC Side Door Opening Container

Our 40ft HC Side Door Opening Shipping Container has two large side-facing doors that make accessing the items stored inside a breeze. This container also works perfectly for quickly sending out appliances and construction equipment.

40FT HC Refrigerated Shipping Container

Are you looking for a large and cost-effective storage solution for temperature-sensitive materials? Our 40ft HC refrigerated shipping container is a perfect choice – can keep temperatures from 20 to -25 degrees celsius, ensuring that your goods are protected. With this option, you get a massive storage space without the need to spend money on a brand-new container.

40-ft Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping Container Depot also offers 40ft shipping container modifications tailored to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for extra space or a storage solution, we have the right option for you. These containers are small enough to fit into tight spaces but large enough for most storage requirements. Plus, they can be retrofitted and modified for any purpose:

40 ft HC Sea Containers for Sale

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