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40ft Shipping Container With Modifications

Shipping Container Depot provides complete customization of Shipping Containers Offices. Whether you are looking for a simple temporary on-site office, or a fully renovated office with complete requirements, we can cater to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding your container office.

Shipping Container Office is a better and faster way to build your next workplace. We use high-quality and durable shipping containers that can endure rough weather conditions, at the same time being fully customizable.


  • ISO Standard Shipping Containers
  • Certified New/ Single- Trip/ One- Trip Containers
  • Available in various sizes:
  • Fully Customizable
  • Weatherproof and Watertight construction
  • High- Quality Corten Steel
  • High-grade flooring


Delivery may be available through tilt-bed, low bed or flatbed trailer, or by chassis. Please contact us to know the availability of our delivery options.


  • You may need to have a forklift ready on site.
  • Delivery may require 60ft to 80ft of space on site.


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Custom Shipping Container Offices for Sale in California

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Why Choose Shipping Container Depot? We Deliver Nationwide!

We know that you want a high-quality shipping container at an affordable price. Therefore, we offer a variety of benefits to our customers:

  • A competitive price that suits every budget
  • A wide range of shipping containers to choose from
  • Service and delivery of your shipping container
  • A shorter lead time than other companies
  • A warranty on all of our shipping containers

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About Customized Shipping Container Office

We understand the importance of office space for your business. An office caters to the growth of every company; this is where decisions are well-thought-of and made. Every business office has to be accommodating to its owners as well as its clients and at the same time, efficient.

This is where customized shipping containers come in. The creation of an office from a shipping container not only answers the immediate need of a business office but also provides a sustainable infrastructure that can last for years to come.

At Shipping Container Depot, we provide shipping container modifications to the office you will need and want. We utilize various sizes of containers: from 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, or even specialty sizes. Our team is experienced and skilled, any modifications to the container can be made according to your design and requirements. Our team is capable of catering to various customizations but is not limited to the following:
  • Insulation
  • Heavy-Duty Flooring
  • Electrical and Internet Connections
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Partitions
  • Secure Doors and Windows
  • Restrooms
For on-site offices for construction or installation projects, we also provide shipping container offices for rent. With this, we can accommodate your office needs within the project duration without spending much and worrying about reselling the office you won’t need anymore.

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Benefits Of Custom Shipping Container Offices

Container Home Office


A shipping container office provides a perfectly enclosed and private space, perfect for a working environment. The installation of insulation, doors, and windows offers a private, secure, comfortable, and conducive working area for you and your personnel.

With the customizability of office containers, there is no limit to the improvement of your working space.


Shipping containers are known to be easily modified, combined, and assembled into an infrastructure, thanks to their modularity. With shipping container offices, you can have one with a small office using a 10 ft container (10 ft x 3 ft floor area), or a large office that uses a combination of shipping containers of multiple sizes.

Shipping container offices can also be used as mobile offices as they are easy to transport using trailer trucks.


Despite the sturdy and rigid aesthetic of a shipping container, it is completely modifiable and customizable according to what you want. We provide full customization to provide a balanced workspace for you and your employees.

In need of a bigger space? We can combine multiple containers to build the ideal office.


As compared to building a traditional infrastructure for office space, container offices can save you a great deal of money. Traditional building construction can take a longer period, and thus can be costly in terms of labor. This is especially true for small and mobile offices where shipping container offices can be modified and installed within months or even weeks.

Moreover, renting a shipping container office can be more affordable when you only need the office for a few months to a few years. Not to mention, returning a rented container office is an easier option rather than reselling the container in the market.


As stated earlier, shipping container offices can be reused and you can avail them for rent for any specific time as you desire.

This makes shipping container offices a sustainable option overall, whether you opt to rent an office container or buy one that can be easily relocated and reused without the need for major demolition or renovation.

Moreover, shipping containers are built to last outdoors for up to more than 25 years! They are made of Corten steel, a material known for its longevity with its resistance to corrosion.

Similar to traditional office structures, modified container offices can also be installed with eco-friendly and sustainable building components. Our team at Shipping Container Depot can install solar systems, doors, and windows that provide natural ventilation and light, and other building amenities that can lower energy use.

Container Office Features

Diverse Size Options

Select from a variety of shipping container sizes: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, or a combination of containers!

Unlimited Customization

Shipping Container Depot offers a ton of customization options: Partitions, doors, and windows, custom flooring, interior finishes, and exterior repainting, among others.

Office Essentials​​

Select from a variety of shipping container sizes: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, or a combination of containers!


Make your office ready for use with electricity to provide power for equipment, lighting, and basic office equipment. Green power offices can also be built with the use of solar power systems, which can also be advantageous for mobile offices and sites located in far-flung areas.

Data and Internet​

Never get lost in the flow of business outside the office walls with a reliable internet connection.

Office Furniture​

Never get lost in the flow of business outside the office walls with a reliable internet connection.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Ensure the comfort and health of you and your personnel with the proper air conditioning and ventilation in your container offices.


Secure doors and windows, exterior lighting, and camera systems are also a priority for offices to avoid harm to your belongings. For a business, security breaches not only can cause personal harm, but also unnecessary liabilities and expenses that can be detrimental to your company.


We can also help with the plumbing to answer sanitary requirements for your container office from water connections and sewage for restrooms.

Applications of Shipping Container Offices

Offices are definitely a must in every business, and customizable container offices can function as well. For some, a shipping container office can be a better solution instead of traditional structures. Here are some of the best applications for container offices:

  • Site offices for Construction Projects
  • Off- grid Substations
  • Trade Shows and Sales Offices
  • Office/ Document Storage/ Equipment Storage
  • Security Outposts
  • Emergency Outposts
  • Management/ Administrative Office

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