Looking for a container that’s as close to ‘new’ as possible? 1 Trip shipping containers are perfect for you! For over a decade, Shipping Container Depot has been a leader in the shipping container supply industry providing standard (dry) containers, high-cube containers, and many more.  Check out our quality in the following pictures!

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20 ft (One Trip) Shipping Container

Ensure your business has access to the best quality and condition 20ft shipping container with our help! Our containers are acquired within one year of their manufacture date, so you can trust that you’re getting a reliable, durable solution.

Our 20ft single-trip storage container is perfect for any transport or storage needs! It has made only a single journey overseas, meaning you can trust in its quality and durability. Plus, this container offers ease of loading and unloading with forklift pockets on the four corners.

40 ft (One Trip) Shipping Container

Get the size you require with our 40ft shipping containers, available in a variety of sizes. Our single-trip units have only been used for transportation overseas once – ensuring quality and condition while saving your business time and costs.

With a capacity of 67.7 cubic meters, this container can provide ample space for any commercial or residential needs you may have. Whether it’s agricultural produce, industrial tools, or household items, this container can securely store it all. Buy with confidence, knowing you’re getting a quality product that will stand the test of time.

40 ft High Cube (One Trip) Shipping Container

40’ High Cube One Trip Containers have all the features of standard 40’ units, but with reinforced corners and an extra foot in height. These containers have only been used once – to transport goods from the manufacturer overseas to the United States, before being delivered directly to your door. The additional height of these containers also provides increased internal volume, making them ideal for larger spaces like residential driveways – or even storing more items than just household or business items.

Types of One-Trip Containers

New/One Trip General Purpose Shipping Container

Available as 20ft or 40ft size. General Purpose Shipping Containers are the perfect solution for storing and transporting your goods safely. Equipped with internal lashing rings and rails to keep your items securely in place, plus forklift pockets, a gooseneck tunnel, corner castings, and grappler pockets for easy maneuverability – these containers are built to last and meet international standards for road freight or maritime shipment.

New/One Trip High Cube Container

If you have the space available, high cube containers are an ideal choice. These come in 20ft and 40ft varieties and provide ample room to store anything necessary. The extra height means that these can be used for a variety of applications beyond basic storage.

New/One Trip Open-Top Container

Looking for a safe, efficient way to transport bulky and tall items? Single-trip, 40ft open-top container is perfect for this! With top and rear loading capabilities, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively move items in no time.

New/One Trip Double Door Container

Looking for a convenient, reliable storage option? Single-trip 40ft double-door container is perfect. It’s only been used one time and provides easy access from both sides. Plus, with the ability to add an internal dividing wall, it can create two separate storerooms in no time.

New/One Trip Side Door Opening Container

Looking for a reliable storage and transportation option for tough-to-access items? Our new 40FT Side Door Opening Container is the ideal solution. With its side door opening, you’ll have plenty of space to easily load and unload items. And its convenient accessibility makes it perfect for accessing items stored near the container’s walls.

New/One-Trip Pallet Wide Shipping Container

Transporting goods by land, sea, or air? Single-trip 40FT Pallet Wide Shipping Container might just be what you need. It’s large, weather-resistant, and specially designed to accommodate pallets that are too wide for traditional ISO containers. Plus, its single-trip capacity makes it perfect for transporting goods safely and efficiently.

New/One Trip Refrigerated Shipping Container

Are you looking for an effective way to store and transport temperature-sensitive materials? Our new 40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers are the perfect solution. Their massive 67.6sqm area allows you to keep your goods in optimal conditions, with temperatures ranging from 20 to -25 degrees Celsius. Whether you have large cargoes that need to be shipped or stored, these containers are sure to meet all your needs.


We also offer New Shipping Container Rentals & Modifications

FAQ about One Trip Shipping Containers for Sale

One-trip shipping containers are those that have been used once before. These container boxes have been loaded with cargo once and have only been used on a single trip. It is common for one-trip containers to be sold at a lower price than new ones since they have been used before.

Shipping containers come in various sizes and shapes as well, with more variety compared to regular truck trailers. There are standard ISO shipping containers that measure 8’6” wide by 8’6” tall by 20’ or 40’ long. These containers come in different materials such as steel, aluminum, composite and even plastic. Additionally, many container sizes are available with varying walls and roofs to accommodate specific cargo shapes.

Here are the average prices for single-trip/one-trip shipping containers:

Container Type


1 Trip 20-foot dry cargo shipping container

$2,800 to $3,500  

1 Trip 20ft reefer container

$12,000 to $15,000

1 Trip 40-foot dry cargo shipping container

$4,200 to $6,200

1 Trip 40ft reefer container

$19,000 to $22,000

1 Trip 40 HC shipping container for rent

$160 to $200 per month

Depending on their usage and maintenance, these containers can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years or longer. Constructed from either corrugated steel or aluminum, the materials used in the construction of the container can make a big difference in its overall lifespan. Regular cleaning and painting are essential for keeping these containers in good condition, as this can extend their life up to an additional five to 10 years. Additionally, using the container solely for storage as opposed to shipping will increase its lifespan significantly. Ultimately, proper usage and maintenance are key when it comes to extending the life of your single-trip shipping container.

40 ft Sea Containers for Sale

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