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40 Foot Shipping Container

40-Foot Shipping and Storage Containers are the standard for oversized portable storage. These units are ideal for very large portable storage. They provide a safe, secure, and weatherproof way to store your cargo. In addition, the shipping container can always be used to ship overseas.

These shipping containers are constructed out of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel and are quickly becoming the most affordable and versatile options for various uses.
Our 40’ shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that will fit your needs.

  • 40’ High Cube Container
  • One-trip 40ft shipping container
  • Used 40ft shipping containers
  • 40ft storage containers for rent

40ft Shipping Container Dimension

Standard 40' Shipping Container

  Exterior Interior Door Opening
  Legth Width Height Legth Width Height Width Height
40′ FT Container 40' 8' 8'6" 39'5" 7'8" 7'10" 7'8" 7'5"

Weight (Average)
8,000 lbs.

40' High Cube Shipping Container

  Exterior Interior Door Opening
  Legth Width Height Legth Width Height Width Height
40′ FT Container 40' 8' 9'6" 39'5" 7'8" 8'10" 7'8" 8'5"1/2"

Weight (Average)
8,775 lbs.



New 40ft Shipping Containers

Single-trip/One Trip 40ft Shipping Containers are considered as “new” 40 shipping containers in the industry. These containers can be re-worked into a variety of custom-modified container designs for retail, living space, workspace, and special projects.

Used 40ft Shipping Containers

Buy Used 40ft Shipping Containers at a lower cost for your storage needs at Shipping Container Depot. These high-quality, robust, slightly used large containers are perfect for storing bulky objects that wouldn’t fit a 20ft shipping container or a 20ft HC container. These shipping containers can provide the perfect solution for any additional needs such as extra workspace, outdoor work areas, classrooms, and modified office containers.

40ft Shipping Containers for Rent

We also have 40ft shipping containers available for rent. These sturdy, weatherproof containers are perfect for a variety of storage needs. Our 40’ shipping containers for lease are made from high-quality steel perfect for temporary facilities or storage. We offer competitive rates for short- and long-term rentals. Contact us today to find out more about our shipping container rental rates and availability.

40ft HC Container

40’ High Cube Container are shipping containers slightly larger than the standard 40’ container. The container features reinforced corners and a weather-resistant coating. The container is also equipped with a locking system that helps to keep your belongings safe during transit. The 40’ High Cube shipping container is a perfect solution for those who need to transport large items overseas. It is strong, durable, and secure, and it will make sure that your belongings arrive safe and sound.
40ft Shipping Container With Door

40ft Shipping & Storage Container Applications

It is specifically designed to be used in the shipping industry, and it is able to withstand the rigors of international travel.

Compared to a 20ft shipping container, a 40ft container can pack a whopping 2.53 m³ of cargo for every ton of weight. That means that a 40′ container can hold up to approximately 26.76 tons of cargo.

40 feet shipping containers can be used for commercial, residential and shipping industry applications.

Single-Trip, Used, For Rent

40-ft Shipping Container for Sale in Los Angeles

Standard (Dry) 40ft Containers

There are a few different types of 40-foot shipping containers, but the most common one is the standard dry 40’ shipping container. These storage containers are easy to load and unload and can hold products that are dense or have a lot of weight. Shipping Container Depot's 40-foot dry shipping containers are perfect for storage and transportation needs. Whether you're looking to store grains, metal, machinery, or anything else, our dry shipping containers will get the job done.

40ft Double-Door Containers

The 40ft double door container is the perfect option for those looking for easy access to their storage. With doors on both sides of the container, one can easily get to the storage.

40ft Refrigerated Containers

The 40ft Refrigerated Containers are ideal for storing and transporting sensitive materials that need to be kept at low temperatures and low humidity levels. They help protect items from heat, mold, and condensation damage during transport. If you're looking for the best way to keep your items in optimal condition during transport, a refrigerated container is a way to go.

40ft Open-Top Containers

If you're looking for a shipping container that can accommodate large, bulky items - or items that are too tall to fit in a standard container - then a 40ft open-top container from Shipping Container Depot is your ideal solution. Whether you need to transport large generators, machinery, bulk grains, engine parts or recyclables, our open-top containers provide the perfect solution.

40ft Flat Rack Containers

40ft Flat Rack Containers are a type of shipping container that is perfect for large, bulky items that don't fit in a traditional shipping container. They are also great for items that need to be shipped on a pallet, such as heavy machinery or automotive parts. Flat rack containers have removable side panels, so they can be easily loaded and unloaded.

Single-Trip, Used, For Rent

40-ft Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping Container Depot can also do 40ft shipping container modifications to suit your needs. Whether you want to create extra space or use it for storage, we got your back! Conveniently small enough to fit into tight locations, they are still large enough to meet most storage demands. These shipping containers can be retrofitted and modified to be used for just about any purpose. There are a lot of things you can do with a modified 20ft shipping container such as the following:
  • Workshop,
  • Office
  • Studio.
Shipping containers are made of steel, so they’re very strong and durable. They’re also weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about the elements damaging your belongings.

40ft Shipping Container Office

We can use 40ft shipping containers for your prefab/modular office. 40ft shipping container offices are cheaper than traditional offices, eco-friendly, and durable. We’ll design & construct custom container offices to your specifications. This is a great option for those who want an affordable, sustainable, and long-lasting office space.

40ft Shipping Container Restaurant

40ft shipping container restaurant & coffee shop for sale and customized for your needs! these oem modular design ideas utilizing 40ft sea containers can be retrofitted into cafe bars, restaurants and commercial buildings at an affordable price.

40ft Storage Containers

40ft storage containers are the perfect way to transport large items or large quantities of items. They are made of a durable corrugated steel and have a high security lock box to protect your belongings. They also have two-way forklift pockets so you can easily move them around. These containers are tested to ensure they can safely hold your belongings.

FAQ about 40ft Shipping Containers

A 40-foot container can typically hold between 23 and 24 Europallets or 20 and 21 standard pallets in one tier. This means that you can fit a total of 46 to 48 Europallets or 40 to 42 standard pallets into a 40-foot container if you stack them two tiers high. Take note: “Europallets” is the most common type of pallet which is 800mm x 1,200mm or 31.50inches X 47.24inches. A standard pallet is typically 1,000mm X 1,200mm or 39.37” X 47.24”. If you are using smaller pallets, you may be able to fit more of them into the same space. The size and weight of the pallets will also affect the number of pallets which can fit a 40ft of shipping container. Other factors include the type of goods being shipped, and the method of stacking.
The standard 40 ft container can accommodate a freight weight of up to 44,000 lb. This limit is typically enforced by the container’s owner, such as a shipping company. Exceeding the maximum weight limit can result in additional charges, as well as damage to the container and its contents. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the weight of your shipment does not exceed the limit before booking transport.
In the US, the maximum cargo weight for a 40’ container which can be legally loaded when using a triaxle chassis is 44,500lbs of 20,185kg. According to standards, a vehicle’s gross maximum weight when considering the container weight, chassis weight and truck weight must not exceed 36,287kg or 80,000 lbs (US highway transport). While a lot of states allow more weight limits, it is recommended that the weight of cargo must not exceed the maximum allowable gross weight. In addition to that, the weight of cargo should be evenly distributed throughout the shipping container to avoid axle weight violation.

The maximum weight that US railroads will accept or deliver for rail car movement is 67,200 lbs. This includes the weight of the container itself. This is the case for a 40” container.

Container Typical Weights:

  • 40′ standard dry = 8,400 lbs. (3,810kg)
  • 40′ hi-cube dry = 8,900 lbs. (4,037kg)
  • 40′ hi-cube reefer = 9,700 lbs. (4,400kg)

40’ Chassis Weight:

  • 40′ 2-axle = 6,800 lbs. (3,084kg)
  • 40′ 2-axle chassis with underslung chassis-mount genset = 8,600 lbs. to 9,000 lbs. (3,901kg to 4,082kg)
  • 40′ 3-axle = 10,800 lbs. (4,899kg)
The most popular size for these ships is the 40-foot container, which can typically be found in rows of two on a standard cargo ship. This means that a typical cargo ship can carry up to 1,440 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). However, with the recent surge in global trade, many cargo ships are being retrofitted to carry even more containers.
The cost of a 40 ft shipping container varies depending on the type of material it is made from and where you purchase it from. However, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for a used container. One trip 40′ containers, which are like new, can cost anywhere from $4,200 to $7,000, depending on availability.

40 ft Sea Containers for Sale

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