From customization, special projects, to modifications, Shipping Container Depot Inc. is here for your every need. Offering both on and off-site container modifications, we offer both standard and custom modifications. We help not only to design a modification that suits your needs but also strengthen and maintain structural integrity of all containers. We specialize in a vast array of modifications and services from habitable living spaces, office containers, pop up restaurants, shops, to the most basic and standard modifications in the industry.

A list of common and standard modifications include but are not limited to turbine vents promoting better air-flow, louver vents for heat extraction, roll-up doors, easy-access options, lock boxes, electrical packages, partitions, shelving, windows, skylights, HVAC systems, pedestrian doors, double doors, and much much more. Please contact us and specify the modifications you are looking for. No modification is too big or small for our trained technicians. ​ Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our 20 FT containers for sale or lease.

Modification Options

Shipping Container Office

Shipping Container Office is a better and faster way to build your next workplace. We use high-quality and durable shipping containers that can endure rough weather conditions, at the same time being fully customizable.

Available in:

  • 10ft Container Office
  • 20ft Container Office
  • 40ft Container Office

Shipping Container Restaurant

Get into the food business quickly and efficiently with custom shipping container restaurants! Our shipping containers can be customized to create a restaurant quickly at a lower cost than traditional construction. We can modify shipping containers into a restaurant that can be tailored specifically to fit your needs.

Available in:

  • 20ft Container Restaurant
  • 40ft Container Restaurant

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